Thanks for visiting my site, Fiero Code! A little about me (what this page is for!): my name is Dan Su, and I’m an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago. This is my blog, mostly about coding, to track my personal projects and activities in class.

I spent my high school and early undergraduate time doing pure math, but then discovered the magic and beauty of computer science and dropped it completely, now pursuing a double major in compsci/statistics. Compsci is my passion now–statistics is mostly to make some use of all this math knowledge I’ve been accumulating. Not to say I don’t enjoy stats or mathematics! Math and the logic behind it, in pure form or applications, is more worth appreciating than coding. Coding just happens to be more fun; we’ll leave the abstract stuff to the true geniuses.

What is Fiero?
Well Fiero Code is my blog, but fiero is, as PerBlue ( puts it:

Fiero: the Italian word for “Pride” and a term often used by game designers to describe that feeling of emotional elation after a huge discovery or victory within a game. What’s coolest about this emotion is that we all express it the exact same way, which is why fiero is considered to be one of our most primal emotions. Maybe you know the feeling or have seen it before- it’s usually expressed when a player throws their arms over their head and yells! Scientists will tell you fiero is one of the most powerful neurochemical highs that we can experience.

Notably, you can contrast fiero with flow, which is a more popular term meaning you’re “in the zone”. Flow is good, but as a goal-oriented person, fiero is what I seek: seeing a reaction to my jokes, solving that math problem, catching that bug in my code, makes the whole process feel even better.

If nothing else, pride in Italian sounds pretty sexy, and you should always pride yourself in what you do.

Other than computer science I’m a huge video game nerd and could talk enough to write a blog on each of them. A couple of games that currently capture my interest:
– Super Smash Bros: mainly Brawl due to accessibility, but I love all of them!
– Puzzle and Dragons: not that popular in the US but I swear by it as my one and only mobile game!
– Mario Kart Wii: recently picked it up! I never realized racing games could have depth until I got demolished by my dorm mates.

I also watch a TON of Netflix and TV shows. Live action wise: iZombie, Prison Break (hype for reboot!), Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, New Girl, How I Met your Mother, The Office. After discovering Rick and Morty I realized cartoons can be super fun, so I’ve gotten into a lot of that (Archer, Bojack Horseman, Bob’s Burgers).