It turns out with a powerful engine like Unity, Bomberman isn’t that hard to replicate! Here’s what I’ve got working so far:

  • Able to spawn breakable and unbreakable tiles on startup
  • Player can spawn bombs at his location
  • Player can pass through the bomb until he walks out of the bomb’s hitbox, at which point the bomb becomes a solid
  • Bombs detonate in 3 seconds, creating a cross-shaped explosion
  • On contact, explosions will kill the player, detonate other bombs, and destroy breakable tiles

As to coding strategy, I’ve taken a more independent object approach as opposed to having a “main controller” that moves everything around. Unity offers a tagging system, so if one object wants to interact with another, it just checks the tag to see if it’s of the proper type. The stage itself controls spawning of objects, so it would be the “main controller”. However, the objects move themselves and the stage doesn’t know what happens unless one of them tells the stage to do something (i.e. spawn more objects).

So far, I’m loving Unity! It’s not nearly as complicated as it seemed before, and the project is going smoothly. Of course, I haven’t gotten into graphics/animation yet, but we’ll see how hard it is (might find someone else to do them).


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