I recently got (back) into Unity and decided to try my hand at making a game! The modern world lacks a good version of Bomberman, so I’m going to do this game justice by making a clone of it: Mass Destruction!

If you’ve never played Bomberman or a similar game before you’re missing out. It’s an arcadey game where you walk around setting bombs to blow up tiles and other people. The version of my childhood, Dyna Blaster also had a campaign mode where you blew up critters, but the main draw is the multiplayer aspect. Here’s a decent online version that explains it well (and in penguin style) : http://www.gamesxl.com/multiplayer/bomberman-multiplayer.

On Unity I’m going to attempt a version of the game with 3d graphics. Hopefully by then end I’ll have a fleshed out game with the following classic Bomberman features:

  • Walk a round setting bombs which kill people and tiles
  • Tiles drop a couple powerups (more to come on creativity): extra bombs, extend bomb range, kick bombs, walk faster
  • Timer that once expires, kills players by shrinking the stage
  • Online feature to play with other people

The last one will be the hardest of course, as I’ve never attempted something like it. However, equipped with Unity’s great tutorials, I’m sure it will be doable. Speaking of Unity’s tutorials, after finishing their basics tutorial here, I’ve already got a functional moving ball (later to be the player) set up, with some changes. Notably different from the tutorial, is that in this game, the player doesn’t accelerate/decelerate but instead moves at fixed speeds.

Build 1

Nothing too exciting yet. But have high expectations!


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